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You know, I can’t help but wonder…if our Papa…who doesn’t judge beauty according to our worldly standards…views these 2 sets of images in the same way.

What I mean is.. these women are still beautiful with or without modification (whether it be from devastating and horrific acts of…

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Beautiful & Worthy.

I feel compelled to write this post because of how hurtful and cruel society is and how broken and unworthy all the beautiful, wonderful, worthy daughters of Christ feel. Society has rebuked us for being not skinny enough, or not pretty enough, we just never seem to be good enough. It breaks my heart to see all these beautiful women doubt themselves and hate on themselves because of the lies that society has told them. God loves us for who we are and He created each and every one of His children in His image, which means that we are perfect in His eyes. It breaks His heart when He creates a beautiful daughter in His image and sends her out into the world, only to have her torn down and destroyed by the lies of society. He sees our brokenness and our doubts in ourselves and He feels our pain. Every tear that we shed, every time we stare at ourselves in the mirror and are ashamed, every time we hurt ourselves physically, God feels even more pain and hurt than we do. To have to have your most precious creation be destroyed and told that it’s worth nothing when it means the world to you. Each and every one of you guys are beautiful, intelligent, worthy, strong women who is loved by the Creator of the universe, the Master of all creation, the King of kings! The one who is all powerful and omnipotent loves us for who we are and exactly how we are. He LOVES US. US. The ones who have been told by society that we’ll never be enough, we’ll never be accepted. God is all we need, He is enough. He satisfies all our needs and desires and He loves us exactly the way we are. Not only when we wear the nicest clothes, or put on makeup, but always, even when we just woke up and have disgustingly huge bed hair, no makeup on, those hideous retainers and those huge glasses on. He loves us all the time. There is never a time when He doesn’t look at us and love on us for being His beautiful daughters. HIS DAUGHTERS. The King of king and Lord of lords is our Father and He loves us for exactly who we are. I know that angels in Heaven will rejoice the day that we find our worth in Him, and the words of society no longer affect us and can no longer hinder us and break us down because we’ll know that the One who matters, the One who loves us the most will be by our side for eternity and He’ll never leave us.

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God's Work: Identity in Christ: Worth


For the past month or so, I had the privilege to have many meaningful conversations with a lot of people. Funny enough, many brothers and sisters I’ve talked to shared a common struggle. They oftentimes feel insignificant and worthless. I can’t help but to agree with them, because sometimes I,…

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So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. College has been crazy! Having to adjust to midterms and finals only and actually having to study! And of course, the dreaded moment when you are arguing with yourself in bed, reasoning with yourself that skipping class isn’t THAT bad… can always just go to the next lecture, then plopping back down and falling back into a deep slumber. People have always told me that college is a once in a lifetime, life changing experience and now I completely understand and agree with what they have told me. College is definitely the place where you begin to discover who you are. The people you choose to be your friends become your family and even more importantly, they influence the kind of person you become. College is also a place where the majority of people you meet are mature, intellectual people who are able to provide insight and give you advice. Looking back at my fall quarter, I can already see the change in myself and I can still see myself changing. I’ve become more independent, I’ve learned to be responsible for my actions, and I’ve matured so much. I’ve been blessed to have surrounded myself with amazing, wonderful, and supportive brothers and sisters who truly care about me. I am slowly understanding what God’s love is and I’ve never felt closer to God than I do now. God has blessed my life so much and I’ve been so ignorant in taking everything for granted. God has blessed my life so that I may be a blessing to others. There were times when I was consumed with anger and hatred but He taught me to love and to forgive. He has placed all these role models in my life for me to look up to and seek for knowledge and advice. Never have I felt so light-hearted and loved in my life as I do right now. I’ve only had a taste of what He has in store for me and I can’t wait to see the plans He has for me. God has continually blessed me so I hope to become a blessing to others. I hope to become a more supportive friend, a loving sister, a kind stranger, and a woman after God’s own heart.